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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Instead of letting all these recordings squander in the basement, they are now available via download. This is experimental for now, and hopefully works great. The first release is the never released "13 Notes" l.p. by Chadwick D. Ferguson. Check back for more updates, and I'll post here when more is uploaded to the internet. BLAHGH. The "I was born in the grave" recording is coming up. It's 5 buxxxx to download the album, but listening is frreeeeee, and I think you know what I mean. But it costs a fee when you download, so there's that. It's like a donation? rRrecordings available in the physical realm before I pass away(don't hold yr breath, batman). Also, just check out some tunes if you want! Also! I was an Anglish Mujor! can't tell from this sentence, eh? Someone call me out on this before it's too late. It's like someone said (I think) "He's like the male Marnie Stern, sorta!" cellars.bandcamp.com. also!