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Friday, May 25, 2012

Jerk. "S/T Symphonies"

We got a couple of these albums back in stock. Originally released in 1998 on Columbia, Missouri's Junkpuncher cassette label.

What the critics are saying:
"What is JERK? Is it an infinite put on? Are there any true revelations, or is it in fact just messing with our heads? Kind of an Indy-punk folk mesh, it jilts you out of the pop form structure, and in fact, JERKS you away from a natural denouement that leaves you wondering what it all means, and also leaves you whistling a little traditional pop-hook. What a freakin' Jerk!"-Brian Laurent, Bloominton IN.

"That album has aged really well" S.Bagge, Chicago, IL.

Karamazov is offering this momentarily, until the new website opens up for the all things Jerk archive that you probably haven't been waiting for.

Each cover is hand painted and collaged and each are a little different. Just like your favorite puppies. Aw.